The Energy Garden Harvest 2018

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Bringing community energy to a rush hour near you

This year’s Harvest was the first time we have branched out of our gardens and into the station itself; we literally set a stage in Shoreditch High Street Station for Energy Gardens first live performance with some of London’s best musicians. And the music worked: as hundreds of people rushed up and down the stair each hour, many of them actually took out their headphones and stopped to wonder what was going on. Being able to engage the public in meaningful conversations about our mission was the greatest measure of our success on the night.

Community energy awareness
Rush hour @ Shoreditch High Street Station. Photo: Eunice Olumide

Moving together to make change

The stage also provided for an exhibition of Energy Garden’s community impact, as the 2018 class of Energy Garden Youth Trainees graduated. This latest cohort were involved in 40 hours of green economy training, including solar panel making, community engagement, brand building and marketing. Over snacks and beverages harvested from our gardens, we celebrated the amazing work done by the trainees, station staff, gardeners, schools, funders and members who make up the Energy Garden network. 

Community Energy Graduates
Energy Garden 2018 Graduates. Photo: Eunice Olumide

Tapping into London’s community energy

With each of our events, we seek to show Londoners that positive action is happening at all times and at every level of society. The Harvest provides a spark: a vision into a common space in which members of diverse communities celebrate the good work that is being done together. On October 18. 2018, that space was a stage in Shoreditch High Street station. We are writing a new story that includes clean infrastructure and community collaboration at its core. We hope to bring this vision to a rush hour near you.


If you want to become directly involved in London’s clean energy future, please consider joining our community bond offer. 

Community EnergyPhoto: Oliver Gordon

Special thanks to: Olumide Galleries, CYL & Defenders Entertainment, We Run The World Female DJ Agency.

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