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How Can Your Organisation Get Involved?

Direct Sponsorship of Energy Garden

Boost your corporate social responsibility credential and become a valued Energy Garden partner by sponsoring a station, school or internship project.

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Providing Roof Space or Land Assets

Your site, roof space or land area is an important asset that could help support this project while making you money and fulfilling a large number of high impact corporate responsibility objectives. Our not-for-profit community benefit society will lease your land to house a solar array for 20 years. Full insurance and liability sits with Energy Garden.

There are two possible configurations for the solar installation:

1. Ground Mounted Solar Panels 

Ground mounted panels can be easily installed on brown field sites such as those around reservoirs, motorways and railway lines. 

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2. Rooftop Solar Panels

Roof mounted panels can be installed on pitched or flat roofs, and will supply clean energy at reduced prices to the building owner. 

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Providing training and mentorship opportunities

Through the Energy Garden internship programme your business or organisation can provide training and mentoring opportunities for young people in communities across London.

Becoming a direct investor in the solar array

By investing in the share offer for the energy garden solar array your business can become a shareholder and receive an average 4% annual return on investment.

How Will Energy Garden Benefit Your Organtisation?


Businesses can become direct investors in Energy Garden projects via a share holding in the solar array and receive a 4% average annual return on investment.

  • If your business has suitable land assets to provide space for Energy Garden solar panel installations, the cost of the solar array would be funded by the community share offer and you can receive direct supply of discounted renewable energy
  • There are potential tax relief advantages depending on your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss further info@energygarden.org.uk


The Energy Garden programme will be seen by thousands of Londoners every single day, giving your business a fantastic platform to associate your products and services to your target market. Brand exposure opportunities to be discussed.


Reduce the carbon footprint of your business by facilitating the production of clean sustainable energy.

Help to create green spaces and ecologically rich areas in the heart of London.

corporate social responsibility

  • By supporting Energy Garden projects your business can develop an even deeper connection to the local community by supporting internships and training opportunities to develop local skills and talent
  • Staff team building and volunteering days on community projects, such as energy garden, have long been recognised to improve staff retention and motivation
  • Supporting Energy Garden will help your business to deliver its Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives and receive recognition from the community

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roof or land lease journey

We will maximise the value of your underused land or roof space, installing a solar power station that will create benefits for your organisation and an ongoing legacy for Energy Garden.

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Energy Garden Opportunity

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Energy Garden Opportunity