Internship Taster Session at the Dalston Curve Gardens

May 26, 2016 Energy Garden No comments exist

The Energy Garden Internship taster session on Monday 23rd May at the Dalston Curve Garden was really excellent. Five interns showed up who were eager to learn, and we even had other interested members of the public  approach having seen our posters and banners.

We introduced Repowering and Energy Garden to the interns at a high level and had them introduce themselves to break the ice before the internship program was outlined. Victoria, an intern from a previous Repowering community energy project at Banister House in Hackney gave the group some insight into her experiences.

During a group activity to design a sustainable city with lego, plasticine and markers the Interns were given a chance to think about the green issues affecting urban living. A debrief was given and some availability information gathered and the interns left, evidently invigorated by what they had heard and having gained more understanding of the project and what it is they would be doing.

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