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Willesden Junction

Willesden Junction (Complete)

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The team cleared an area of scrub, and replaced it with wooden edging to create an orchard, which includes apples, pears, cherry, damsons and quince. This is placed where two walkways converge so it can be seen by the passengers. We planted a native hedgerow running over 30 metres along a fence and up to the new orchard.  They also placed 3 planters on the platform and planted fan trained apples which were under-planted with assorted produce including salads. A planter was also placed on a plinth outside one of the entrances, also planted with an apple tree and under-planted with lavenders. Beautiful stuff! 

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens (Complete)

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A variety of shrubs and plants to add a large layer of green accross the large platform.


Chingford Station (Complete)







Lavender, sage, thyme and a wall garden now growing on the platform.

Enfield Town

Enfield Town Station (Complete)

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There's a metal arch spanning the Overground sign, self-watering plants, and some lavender at this station platform.

Brondesbury Park Station

Brondesbury Park Station (Complete)


With a hedgehog hut, compost bins, and kale, spinach and asparagus.

Rectory Road Station

Rectory Road Station (Complete)


Vegetables, a community orchard, colourful wild flowers, and perennial climbing plants growing on the grassy slope next to the tracks

Hackney Downs Station

Hackney Downs Station (Complete)


Apples, tomatoes, kale, and garden herbs

Hampstead Heath Station

Hampstead Heath Station (Complete)


Perennials, edibles, and solar-powered water pumps at this busy station.

Seven Sisters Station

Seven Sisters Station (Complete)


Here there are espalier fruit trees, vegetables, and garden herbs now growing at this busy connecting station

Bush Hill Park Station

Bush Hill Park Station (Complete)


An Overground salad sign, edible hedgerows, climbing hops plants, and community-inspired mural.

Southbury Station

Southbury Station (Complete)


Espalier fruit trees growing alongside companion plants, to attract pollinators and reduce the need for pesticides.