Brondesbury Park’s Patti on why she supports Energy Garden

August 14, 2018 Energy Garden No comments exist

Patti and her children are part of the dedicated team at Brondesbury Park Energy Garden.  Patti has also purchased a share in the project to help us ensure the future of it, you can too for as little as £50!  Read why Patti chose to do so below:

“My children and I have been volunteering at Brondesbury Park Overground station garden for almost two years now, and we still absolutely love the whole concept of Energy Garden. 

Patti and two of her children at the celebration of the Brondesbury Park beehive

When you dig a bit deeper, you realise that it’s not only about putting gardens on stations and making them look better, but it’s about adding to London’s culture and creating energy; clean energy as well as community energy. When we see bees happily eating the pollen on the flowers we have planted, it makes us feel happy and my kids can see how we really are encouraging London’s biodiversity. 


Often, when we are watering, picking weeds or planting new plants, we have station-goers coming up to us and stopping to chat: ‘Thank you for doing this for us – it really lifts our mood when we see the plants and flowers growing’, ‘What a great idea this is’.  Those are only some of the comments. 


I volunteer with a couple of other gardeners, and it’

s made me meet people I may never have come across before, so it’s a great way to meet people.  These projects need money to survive and carry on, and Energy Garden is creating a source to sustain this, which is why I want my kids and I to be a part of it.”

To buy a share in the organisation, visit

Or to help with the gardening, email us at

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