World Peace Garden Camden – If not now, when?

August 28, 2018 Energy Garden No comments exist

Next time you visit Hampstead Heath, take a stroll through the gardens at the station before heading for the Heath!

There is an Energy Garden to be proud of with flowers, fruits and vegetables (even a range of speciality Japanese vegetables thanks to gardener Keiko) and just above the station is the World Peace Garden.

The team at Hampstead Heath, except Jonathan who was holding the camera!

Jonathan, one of the team of gardeners at the Energy Garden (also Laurence, Miki, Merlin and Keiko), started the World Peace Garden 10 years ago after a mix up: “I’m an Estate agent (don’t hate me)!!!  I can’t create a garden!”  Turns out, he can!  The area was a wasteland back then, and it took the work of Jonathan and many other volunteers, including volunteer landscape gardeners and designers, to transform it into the urban paradise it is today.  After holding an Energy Garden meeting there last week, we can confirm it is a truly special place, but read below an excerpt from their website:

The World Peace Garden Camden is a charitable project to promote peace by challenging the usual way we look at the world in the form of an unusual garden containing inspiring messages.

The World Peace Garden Camden is an opportunity to briefly step outside our busy lives and think about a world in which respect for life and the pursuit of peace in every aspect, makes more sense than emphasising divisions between peoples and going to war.

Our aim is to provide a peaceful and harmonious environment with a landscaping feature that is both thought provoking and visually appealing; gently tended as a nature reserve across the sloping site below.

Integral to the World Peace Garden are glass and ceramic Peace Tiles that feature in several sections of a wall. Each tile-sized is handmade with words chosen by each particular contributor to the project.

Tiles sponsored by Friends of the Peace Garden, created by

Give the gardens a visit, and if you enjoy it (how could you not?!), help support the project by dropping a coin or note in the donation box.




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