Willesden Junction complete!

January 31, 2017 Energy Garden No comments exist

An amazing and heartfelt thanks to the Energy Garden team who continue to add beauty to London's Oveground platforms. This latest installation at Willesden Junction may bear the colours of winter now, but in a few short months the hard work will pay off with an array of exciting bits of greenery. 

The team cleared an area of scrub, and replaced it with wooden edging to create an orchard, which includes apples, pears, cherry, damsons and quince. This is placed where two walkways converge so it can be seen by the passengers. We planted a native hedgerow running over 30 metres along a fence and up to the new orchard.  They also placed 3 planters on the platform and planted fan trained apples which were under-planted with assorted produce including salads. A planter was also placed on a plinth outside one of the entrances, also planted with an apple tree and under-planted with lavenders. Beautiful stuff! 

We are greatly looking forward to now bringing in the local groups who were so instructive and helpful during the consultation stages to get involved and take ownership of this infrastructure as it now belongs to them! 

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