The Second Energy Garden Hop on Hop off Tour

January 30, 2018 Energy Garden No comments exist

On Saturday 20th January, Energy Gardeners braved the elements to view what one another had been up to. It’s one thing to make the effort on your own station but checking out what your Overground neighbours are Energy Gardening is a hot topic now that 30 gardens are complete!

This time round we started at Kew Gardens, a station that homes the oldest gardening society in UK, and is blessed with good earth space for plants along both platforms. Designed by Kew Gardeners this elaborate yet, urban chic garden looks fab through the British winter and summer


Caroline and Sue from the Kew Society, brought their newly made placards for all of us to help put into the beds. These placards are the first step in drawing attention to our work, as so many people don’t realise the greening is managed and delivered by local community groups and Energy Garden.

The next station on the tour was Acton Central. A station not blessed with green areas or vast quantities of space but has managed to create a lovely Energy Garden nonetheless. We discussed the garden with the staff present on the platform and were thrilled with their enthusiasm for the project.

Michael Woods showed us around at his local station, Willesden Junction. A maze of platforms and train tracks, with many potential sites for Energy Garden to use. Beyond a rich history, Willesden Junction has a great community group, green space for planting as well as a water supply on its platform.  Making it the envy of other groups who have been struggling with access to water.

Brondesbury Park, where it all started, was the next stop. The moment we stepped off the train, we were greeted by large, open, green space that was cleared and planted. Patti, lead Energy Garden champion of Brondesbury Park Energy Garden, brought out a delicious homemade, blood orange cake to tantalise the taste buds. Alluring some of the group to help fill the compost with some dead foliage.

Next, we went for high tea at Hampstead Heath station with Jonathan who has created the Hampstead Heath Peace Garden (a garden just adjacent to the station). He and Miki warmly welcomed us with teas and coffee to wash down Patti’s cake and fend off the winter chill. As the lead Energy Garden Champion of Hampstead Heath, Jonathan presented us the impressive vegetable garden, where commuters are welcome to go in and pick themselves a lettuce, tomato or even swiss chard.  We discussed improvements for the station and building on his prince trust scholars and ideas to merge with the Energy Gardens schools programme.

As we passed by the living air quality wall at Caledonian Road and ended up at our final stop, Hackney Downs. There were many planters on the platforms and with a little bit of TLC they will be blooming with colour in time for spring.

The next Hop on Hop Off Tour will be along the northern part of the line, remember to follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all things Energy Garden.

Thank you to everyone who came on the tour, hope to see you on the next one!

Please note Energy Garden is recruiting for its paid accredited training.

Please email for more information.

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