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Over the last two years, Energy Garden has been working to create a community-owned company that supports a city-wide greening project on London’s transport infrastructure.  We needed to find a new way to raise millions of pounds in a structure that would not change our core principle of equitable treatment for all members. Energy Garden is proud to present our Community Bond Offer which upholds equitable treatment of both individuals (retail investors) and organisations (institutional investors) and will allow all investors to be repaid their interest and capital at the same rate. Energy Garden is currently in discussions with a number of parties regarding their investment in the programme.


The £16,500,000 Energy Garden Bond Offer will allow members to participate in:


  • A London-wide community energy and gardening society
  • Acquiring and developing renewable energy assets
  • Greening London’s transportation infrastructure
  • Empowering communities to take positive action
  • Educating and training young people in food growing, healthy living and energy
  • Improving air quality and biodiversity
  • Earning a projected 4% per annum return on investment

Investment in the Community Bond Offer will help Energy Garden to deliver community gardens and well-being programmes for the next 20 years. Energy Garden investors are forecast to receive a 4% per annum return on their outstanding investment as well as seeing a high rate of social return on their investment.

The money raised through the Community Bond Offer will allow Energy Garden to purchase a portfolio of solar photovoltaic (PV) sites (roof- and ground-mounted) across the country. In turn, these sites will generate revenue streams through the sale of solar energy.

The revenue from the Community Bond Offer will support Energy Garden as it continues to install community gardens across the Transport for London’s (TfL) Overground network over the next 20 years, and generate a financial return for investors. These gardens act as a community hub as well as brightening up people’s daily commutes.

















To date, Energy Garden has:


If you are an institution, sophisticated investor, or a high net worth individual (all within the definitions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000), please contact to request a copy of the Community Bond Offer document or for further information regarding the financial and/or social return on investment.

Please read the Community Bond Offer Document before investing and seek professional advice, if necessary.

Please note Energy Garden Community Bonds are long-term investments. If you invest part or all your original invested capital may be at risk and interest and capital repayments are dependent on the success of Energy Garden Ltd. Although the Community Bonds are transferable, you may not be able to sell your Community Bonds for the price you bought them for.


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