Kew Gardens complete!

After 3 weeks of hard work the Energy Garden green team have puled off an incredible feat, working alongside local groups like the Kew Society to create this incredible display of plants right accross the Kew Garden platform. Now in its infancy these plants will grow to create a vibrant display to brighten commuters mood. 

London Explored – Green Spaces

Well done to these inspiring young students from the City University London. In this excellent video they explore some of the aspect of the energy Garden program and challenge current government investment levels into London's green infrastructure. 


Many thanks to Adele Berti, Maia Bondici and Bethany Walker

Consultation at Kensington Olympia

We had a great consultation at Kensington Olympia last week, with lots of interest in fruit trees and herb gardens, as well as perennial (all-season) plants. There were lots of members of the community in attendance and it's a real honour to be able to contribute to the great work being done by the The  Olympia Garden just next to the platform. 

Successful West Croydon Consultation!


We had a fantastic consultation last week at West Croydon station, with about 25 people in attendance over the course of the evening. Lots of people were especially excited by the prospect of herb gardens, as well as hanging baskets, rainwater harvesting and solar pump distribution to plants. We also had a great discussion about the possibility of a vertical herbal garden wall which would be a really groundbreaking addition and potentially something we could recreate across the Overground. We now need to investigate the practicalities of this in terms of sunlight. Station Manager Calistar was a helpful voice in the discussion and we look forward to delivering this garden soon!


Rectory Road completed!

Rectory Road completed!

We are so pleased to announce that Rectory Road station can now be added to the list of completed Energy Gardens! A beautiful mix of fruit trees and vegetables have been planted and look fantastic! We are looking for enthusiastic local people to take care of this beautiful new addition to the Energy Garden portfolio. If you live near or commute through Rectory Road and want to get involved get in touch with the Energy Garden team. 

Seven Sisters station – complete!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Seven Sisters is now added to the list of flourishing Energy Gardens! Seven Sisters is a particularly busy commuter station, connecting a large part of North London to the Victoria line. At rush hour commuters queue along the platform, shuffling their way down to the tube below. The fantastic array of fruit trees and vegetables will hopefully brighten up their day! We are looking for enthusiastic local people to take care of this beautiful new addition to the Energy Garden portfolio. If you commute through Seven Sisters and want to get involved get in touch with the Energy Garden team.

Energy Garden Internship!

Twelve enthusiastic interns had a great start to the Energy Garden internship last week. The internship is paid and lasts 50 hours, spread out over 2 months. The first week was spent learning about the energy system and renewable technologies, and had a more practical side when the interns made solar panels at a workshop in Brixton Remakery. They also learnt about different sorts of sustainable business models and local currency, and even had the chance to spend the Brixton pound! Coming sessions will revolve around community gardening and food production, as well as energy efficiency and communications. Well done to all involved and watch this space for similar internship opportunities in the future!

Consultation at Clapton Overground


Following yet another successful consultation, this time on the 26th of August at the Clapton Overground, we are able to make plans for the next steps of greening this station.

The consultation brought together a team of locals and garden enthusiasts interested in seeing their station go through an Energy Garden transformation. A lot of interest was shown in the consultation and we even gained over 30 new signatures for our emailing list.

Overall there was a large interest for planting fruit trees, especially apple trees, as well as perennial plants and herbs. The next step for the station is for the Green Team to finish off the garden design ideas, followed by setting a second consultation day for the public and local enthusiasts.