Memo from a 2018 Energy Garden Youth Training Graduate

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2018 London Energy Garden Experience

Words by Katy Mae Cockburn

My name is Katy Mae Cockburn and I’m a seventeen year old East Londoner, living in Walthamstow. I attend Sixth Form in Leyton, commuting by bus twice a day to and from school. Being a resident of London my whole life, the city’s environment is deeply important to me. This is the main reason I was so keen to join the fantastic opportunity London Energy Gardens provided. The work looked both useful and enjoyable, with the AQA accredited courses only making it appeal more.


As a young person applying for University I am grateful for the ability to add these qualifications to my applications. Being able to do something of such a wholesome nature for the city felt meaningful, and is something I’d always find fun. Being passionate about ecology and environmental conservation furthered my interest in the programme. I was keen both to learn more about these topics, and to apply my newfound knowledge in a way that made a difference. The experience ended up being even better than I had initially anticipated, and continued to impress me throughout.


One of my favourite experiences was visiting a local anaerobic digester. Learning about the inner workings of something seemingly so complicated was not only interesting but felt useful to know. Similarly, I liked learning the details of solar panel making. Everything we learned felt practical and of good use, nothing felt unimportant. Of the many things I gained during this time, one of the best would have to be these practical skills. Another is definitely the motivation and guidance to become an activist.


Learning how to advocate for the things I care about is invaluable to me. I came away from the programme feeling entirely capable of making change, and felt the same attitude being displayed by my peers.

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