Brondesbury Park

Brondesbury Park is the longest running, and therefore most developed Energy Garden so far. There are a beautiful range of different plants here including kale, potatoes, broccolis, cabbages and lettuce. There are even hops growing all over the fencing. Last year the hops had such a bumper crop that we were able to brew some Energy Garden beer. Watch this space for a budding business in overground-grown alcoholic beverages..... 

Dalston Kingsland is the largest and most central Energy Garden at present. With so much available space to garden it has a fantastic amount of potential to become a really productive Energy Garden. So far there has been a great deal of work clearing the weeds and debris to expose the earth beneath. We have a really good range of both edible plants and beautiful flowers here to brighten up people's daily commute. 

Dalston Kingsland

Hampstead Heath

Although not a massive space, the Energy Garden at Hampstead Heath more than makes up for this with the quality of plants there. Roses, blueberries and herbs greet people coming off the trains on their way to the Heath. 

Acton Central is a beautiful example of how to work creatively with a space. You would think that having no exposed earth would limit what can be grown on a platform - but not for the Energy Garden team! Using just buckets and planters, last year we harvested sunflower seeds from our giant sunflowers alongside all the regular fruit and veg you would expect from an Energy Garden. 

Acton Central


Crystal Palace

We are currently in the design stages of the Crystal Palace Energy Garden. Local groups are extremely keen and we are very excited to see what will happen. Watch this space!

Croydon Transition Town are working in partnership with other local community organisations to bring an Energy Garden to West Croydon. The project is in the early planning stage and there will be a public meeting in the New Year to gather ideas. You can find out more on their facebook page or by looking at the Croydon Transition Town Website

West croydon

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