The Energy Garden programme is the world's first citywide combined community energy and gardening project.

The programme is creating an interconnected network of Energy Gardens, adding natural beauty to London's Overground stations and raising awareness of renewable energy generation. The gardening spaces are powered by solar water pumps and solar lighting. There are also plans for interactive solar-powered notice boards to stay up to date with community projects. In effect, we are transforming hundreds of square metres of disused track-side land into community spaces for food production, with as low an impact as possible.

The sun powers our gardens in more ways than one

Solar assets owned by Energy Garden, plus those installed by Energy Garden on stations and depots, produce a revenue which will support the gardens and well-being programmes which Energy Garden runs. We have launched a community bond offer to allow anyone in London to invest in this innovative system. In order to fund our project for the next twenty years, the Energy Garden team assessed over 200MW of solar PV assets and selected an initial pipeline of approximately 12.5MW. The sites are of varying sizes and cumulatively generate enough energy to power approximately 3,800 homes with a saving of 5,375 tonnes of CO2 a year.

A community-ownership approach to improving London's green infrastructure

According to the tenets of a community benefit society, everyone who invests receives an equal vote in all Energy Garden operations. This means you will have a direct role in generating clean energy, beautifying the London Overground, reducing air pollution and encouraging biodiversity in the city.

Solar energy powers our gardens

Information on how solar can be integrated with your station will be provided by Repowering during the development process.