Energy Garden Community Bond Launch 6th November at City Hall

November 5, 2017 Energy Garden No comments exist

This Monday, 6th November, Energy Garden will launch its Community Bond at City Hall. The event will be attended by Energy Gardeners, Transport Partners, Volunteers, Young Interns, Directors, Investors, representatives from the GLA and more.


The Community Bond launch will take you through our journey, our current projects and our future plans. As well as this, the event will play host to panel discussions on the future of decentralised food, energy and transport. Above all else, the event is our chance to thank our dedicated members and showcase the amazing work they have done so far.


To date Energy Garden has:


• Transformed 100’s of square meters of rail side track on 24 stations into food production space
• Engaged 67 community groups in our wellbeing programme
• Created biodiversity refuges for hedgehogs, bats, bees and birds
• Established the first air quality monitoring programme on TFL Overground
• Provided a paid accredited training programme for 10 young people
• Educated over 1500 school children in 37 schools


But we’re only just getting started….


Investment in our Community Bond and Public Share Offer will allow the Energy Garden project to grow over the next 20 years. The community bond for sophisticated investors is the first of two investment opportunities with Energy Garden. There is a share offer launch opening public investment scheduled for early December.

It’s not too late to book your place at the 6th November event through the eventbrite link here.



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