Youth Training Testimonial

August 2, 2018 Energy Garden No comments exist


Last week we wrapped up our Youth Training Programme with a visit to Kew Gardens Station. We were joined by Richard, Nora and Caroline of the Kew Society, Roger and Richard who have recently chosen to invest in the project (big thanks!), and most of the Energy Garden Team!


The final day of the Youth Training Programme


It was a perfect way to round off the programme.  We’d like to say a huge well done to Zaira who leads the scheme, Aisha who was a big help throughout, and to all of the young people who took part.  We received a beautiful letter of thanks this week from one trainee, Livvi, quoted below:

“I initially applied to the energy garden internship because I was interested in what it had to offer me. I have grown up with a strong presence of plants and looking after our earth and when faced with the opportunity to further my knowledge on these subjects as well as learn many other useful skills like social media marketing, which is becoming increasingly more important in modern society, I decided that it seemed like an incredible opportunity. And it was. I gained so much more than I expected from energy garden.

Livvi and fellow trainees at Brondesbury Park Station


When I first applied I would say that I was a very shy person around the people that I didn’t know well, however, within the first week this completely changed. Meeting so many like-minded individuals has made me so much more confident to convey my ideas and be myself, and I know that after only a month I have made some great friends.

Not only have I walked away with new friends, but I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge. Energy garden taught me the skills necessary for a successful career in this modern society and cemented them with AQA certificates to add to my CV and help me find employment in the world of work. I cannot thank energy garden enough for this opportunity.

Some of my favourite moments from the internship would be the solar panel making workshop where we learnt how to build a functioning solar panel and put them to use, the trip to Kew Gardens on the last day which was such a lovely way to end the whole experience together, the day where we split off into pairs and surveyed the people of London which furthered my confidence and comfort in talking to new people and the two days we spent gardening at hackney downs and Brondesbury park station. This whole experience has been incredible and changed my life.”

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