Month: April 2017

Brondesbury Park Station Update














It's been just under a year since our community consultation at Brondesbury Park station, and thanks to the hard work of local residents, station staff, volunteers and the Green Team, it has become a community garden filled with flowers and vegetables, a solar powered pump, compost bin, and hedge hog hut. You can help out as you pass through by weeding, watering, and putting plant matter into the compost bin to enrich the soil.











Currently, vegetables such as broad beans, tri-colour pak choy, and lettuce are growing in and will soon be ready for harvest. In the past, hops, broccoli, carrots, aubergines, strawberries and raspberries have been grown and harvested here. These were made into quiches, samosas and more, and the hops were even brewed into beer!

IMG_6382_ IMG_6386









Spring flowers are also supporting honey bees and bumble bees, which are under threat in London and play a key role in supporting our food production. We're looking forward to more growth and flowers with warmer weather!







Growth at Caledonian Road & Barnsbury living wall












The living wall at Caledonian Road & Barnsbury Overground is filling in with growth! Ferns such as polypodium vulgare trap particles and improve air quality along the platform, while heuchra caramel, lime, and palace purple provide year round color and flowers that attract bees during the spring and summer.




You'll also find Stachys byzantina, known as Lamb's Ear for its shape and soft texture. It's commonly grown for children's gardens and its leaves were historically used as wound dressings.





All these plants will keep filling out the wall, so be sure to visit next time you're at the station!


Clapton Complete!




















The Energy Garden Green team has completed another Energy Garden at Clapton station! Introducing soil in planters to the station increases the diversity of organisms, which can lead to a higher density of wildlife and improved biodiversity. These little plants will grow into a lush garden so make sure to check on its progress on your commute!